At CTA we have a vast stock of accessories to make computing easier and more comfortable. The majority of these items are kept in stock and are available to order now. We have basic computer mouse mats from just £1.00 but also we have mouse mats, wrist rests and mouse gift sets with popular themes/cartoon characters. Ideal gifts for birthdays!

Amongst these items we have Wireless, PS2 and USB Mice and Keyboards. USB devices and adapters of all kinds from Pendrives for storing data, to External DVD-Drives and Ethernet Adapters in the event of an existing ethernet port being out of service. USB hubs, USB bluetooth adapters, Routers, Cooling Fans and Webcams... we can pretty much obtain everything on request.

If you want to check if we have certain items in stock, feel free to contact us. we will do our best to provide you with your computing needs. If it's not on our shelves, we are still able to order specific items into stock with just a small deposit (£5 on most items).