Riscstation 'Accent' Midi Pack

The Accent pack is now available from CTA for your RiscStion machines. These packs utilise the fantastic midi capabilities already on the RiscStation using the Yamaha XG Wavetable, which plugs directly onto the motherboard giving professional output standards.
A full kit is available which includes an MK149 Evolution keyboard, w
avetable, cables and selection of top music packages. why not have a demo at CTA before you buy one.

Midi break-out cable with driver software £15 + VAT
Yamaha DB51 XG Wavetable, midi cable & drivers £99 + VAT
Yamaha DB51 XG Wavetable, midi cable, drivers and Evolution MK149 keyboard £199 + VAT

RiscStation 'Insite' Internet Pack

Get your RiscStation online with the insite internet pack. CTA can offer the pack which includes a 56Kbps modem, Webster XL, Messenger Pro and also,for a short time only, a connection to UK Online and a few freebies thrown in!

RiscStation 'Insite' Internet Pack £85 + VAT


RiscStation 'ScorchIT' CD Writer Pack

Upgrade your R7500 Lite or Lite+ with this hoe CD authoring package as found in the RiscStation Scorcher machine. This package contains the latest version of CD Burn, writable and re-writable media to get you started, and a powerful CD ROM writer/rewriter (minimum specification 4x4x24).

RiscStation Scorcher Pack £199 + VAT


RiscStation Osaris Plus Pack

Now available, the add on to your Osaris palmtop. With this pack you get an AC Power adaptor, 5 spare sets of batteries and a replacement backup battery.

RiscStation Osaris Plus Pack £30 including VAT