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Lite Plus

R7500+ & R7500Lite

Ideal for the home user who wants an economic and hassle free computer. These flagship machines of the RiscStation range set high standards and are the fastest ARM7500 based computer yet.

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Networx & Networx HD

The Networx range are able to provide a low cost, stable and reliable network solution. The Networx HD is also an option for a standalone bootable workstation which comes with four gigabytes of storage space.

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Scorcher & Scorcher Twindex

Based upon the same specification as the R7500+, the Scorcher comes with a quality CD Re-writer. The Scorcher Twindex comes with both CD RW and CD ROM for direct CD to CD copying.

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RiscStation Osaris

The Osaris, a palmtop brought to you by RiscStation, is lightweight yet packed full of features. With it beingRiscOS compatible, it allows you to carry your work around with you and link up at the end of the day to download data.

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