R7500 Lite & R7500+
LiteLite plus

56 Mhz ARM 7500FPE
RISC OS 4.03
16Mb 60ns EDO Memory (64Mb 50n/s on R7500+)
48x Atapi EIDE CDROM (52x on Lite+)
4.3Gb EIDE Hard Drive (
10.2 Gb on R7500+)
4/6Mb ROM/Flash Memory containing RISCOS 4 and Utilties
Micro ATX Desktop or Mini/Midi Tower Case
Stereo Speakers

2 x Serial Port
2 x PC Style Game Port Supporting Midi In/Out/Through
2 x EIDE Ports
1 x 10baseT Network Port with Wake On LAN
1 x EPP/ECP Fast Parallel Port
1 x IRDA Infrared Interface Support
1 x High Density Floppy Drive Port
1 x 15Pin VGA Connector

Full 16Bit OPL3 Stereo Sound Sampler & Mixer with FM Synthesizer support 2 CD Mixer Ports
3 x 3.5mm Jack sockets for Line In/Mic/Headphone and Speaker Out

PS/2 Style Keyboard Input
PS/2 Style 3 Button Mouse Input
Bundled Software

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